7 Clear Signs Your Phone Is Hacked 2021


7 Clear Signs Your Phone Is Hacked

Can you spend an hour without your phone ? Unimaginable right! Imagine not being able to access your social media or email accounts ? Your mobile phone is more than a device to connect with friends & family. It’s a computer that fits in the palm of your hand. It lets you chat, play games, download music and apps, much like a laptop. But if your phone gets hacked, it will be difficult to access anything on it.

Unfortunately, many people don’t use security measures to protect their phones from hackers and identity thieves. If a hacker gets into your phone, they will find personal information, steal data, and even read your messages. In fact, your phone might be hacked already, and you don’t know it. In This Post show you seven warning signs that clearly show a hacker invade your phone pay more attention to Number 2 it’s critical.

Has your phone speed has drastically dropped? Are you constantly restarting, or waiting for pages and
 apps to load? Slow performance is a clear sign that your phone is invaded. Malicious programs often operate in the background. They steal your battery power and resources. If a program is sending or tracking information, it’s using processing power.

If you suspect your phone is hacked, closely examine all your apps. If something is odd, delete the app. Run a malware program to erase suspicious activity. When your phone starts behaving as it’s possessed or has a mind of its own, then it’s a cause for concern.

Weird Text & Characters

Closely examine the text messages sent. Do you remember writing them? Sometimes, a hacker may use your mobile to send out strange SMS message to friends, family members, or anyone in your contacts list. Usually, this is unnoticed until someone complains about it to you. The same may occur with your email account.

If you think your phone is compromised, notify your contacts. Run an anti-virus and anti-malware program. Avoid clicking on suspicious SMS links or emails.

Heated Phone

It’s common for your phone to warm up AFTER you’ve used it for continuously, i.e. playing a video game or chatting with a friend. But does your phone warm up when it’s not being used?

If your phone feels warm even after you don’t use it for some time, then a program might be operating in secret. Malicious programs need processing juice as they operate in the background. This explains why your phone is getting hot even when not in use. Run an antivirus program to check for suspicious apps.

Odd Behavior

Does your phone seem like its possessed? It calls contacts on its own, reboots by itself, etc. This might either be an issue in the operating system or an intruder keeping tabs on your phone activity because they’ve gained remote access.

The best way to tackle this issue is to run a malware program. You may also take your phone in to a professional phone service to rule out technical issues.

Battery Drains Quickly 

Do you wonder why your battery doesn’t last long? If your phone battery is showing sudden signs of slowing down, then it’s a cause for concern. Sometimes a program operating in the background can cause the battery to drain. This program is probably tracking your online transactions.

If you’re suspicious about your battery, run a malware scan on your phone. You may also reset the phone to factory settings. This erases everything on your phone so you will have to reinstall all your apps.

Presence of Odd Apps

Peruse through your apps to check there are any new applications on it that you didn’t install. If you find anything, there’s a problem. Although it’s common for a manufacturer to install certain apps to update the software, always be on the lookout for apps that appear on the screen. This might be ransomware, a spy app, or even malware.

To check out your new app, run a Google search of the app’s name. See the reviews o find out if it’s legitimate. If there’s no information, it’s likely malicious. These are clear signs that your phone may be hacked.

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