10 tips to help you lose weight easily You Need to Be Aware Of


If you want to lose weight, you need to eat less and exercise more, it sounds easy, but these days it’s not.
With so many of us busy with the work of daily life, this method has become unrealistic.

Therefore, Dr. Ahmed Sabry, a nutrition consultant and member of the American Association for the Study of Obesity, provides the top 10 tips that will help you lose weight healthily and safely by getting rid of some of the bad habits that help you gain weight.

1 –


You should drink lots of water and natural drinks that do not contain additives because many people confuse hunger and thirst, so we eat a lot of food while eating a glass of cold water is what we need, so you don’t bother drinking water, you can drink natural juices without any additives or drinks that do not contain calories.



It is important to look for what needs to be added to the diet, not what needs to be canceled. It is important to know that the minimum to eat daily is five fruits or vegetables per day, in addition to the need to eat a piece of meat without fat to provide you with the nutrients your body needs. Also, you should eat more than half of your diet during the day, not at night.



You should eat when you are really hungry, many of us eat because we can’t find anything to occupy us or because eating makes it psychologically comfortable, you have to know that you are really hungry and need food, and only then eat your food, but don’t eat too much to not do it Your stomach gives more than it needs, the human stomach is about the amount of a fist, so we shouldn’t eat a lot of food to not be full.



Many of us eat after dinner, even though we can eat all day long. Many of us rest after dinner, so he rests and sits in front of the TV with a huge bag of appetizers or fast food, so you have to beware of this bad habit because it is bad for your health.




Don’t try to stop yourself from eating your favorite foods and take them off your account when setting up a diet program. This will be a reason to stop dieting and quickly resume your favorite food, and soon you will lose confidence by completing the dieting process, just set limits for your favorite food, If you like to eat cake, you should eat a piece of it instead of eating a lot of it.



Try to spend the time you stop eating outside the house, if you find that there is a large meal at home, you may have to eat it, and even if you can’t leave the house, you can eat fruit instead of overloading your stomach with fat.


7 –


You should eat small and few meals each day because studies have shown that those who eat 4: 5 snacks a day are more able to control their appetite and have better weight, so the calories that the body needs daily should be divided into several meals, provided that Eat it during the day and the last meal is dinner.




Make sure you eat more protein than carbohydrates and fats, this is the key to any diet to reduce weight and get a perfect body, with a simple exercise to help you a lot to lose weight, protein helps the body grow and work to strengthen muscles by burning fat, you can eat cheese and drink yogurt to get protein.


9 –

Make your food a “Parraga”, so you can add spices that you prefer, such as pepper, to the food, this makes you accept your snack with the same satisfaction and it also takes you away from fatty meals.


10 –


Move away from fast food, not because they don’t help to complete the diet peacefully, but because they are also harmful to your health, and these meals that are offered quickly in restaurants don’t make you feel full and don’t provide the body with the basic elements it needs.

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